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Magicbox Magicbox EquadorianMagicbox Magicbox EquadorianMagicbox Magicbox EquadorianMagicbox Magicbox EquadorianMagicbox Magicbox Equadorian
With Magicbox 100% Mycelium Mushroom Growkits you can harvest plenty of magic mushrooms, for you and your friends, within 2 weeks without effort. The Magicbox Equadorian delivers Equadorian Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms of Superior Quality. Very powerful, Tiramisu backpackboyz strong visuals. Prepare yourself for a colourful, spiritual journey into your inner universe.

The active substance in magic mushrooms is a plant alkaloid called psilocybin. Psilocybin is a tryptamine that is chemically similar to the human neurotransmitter DMT (dimethyltryptamine). DMT is one of the strongest visionary psychedelics, which occurs abundantly in nature (trees, grasses etc.) and is easily broken down by the body’s MAO enzymes, leaving no toxic byproducts behind.

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More about Magicbox Equadorian
Magic Mushrooms are a hallucinogenic product from Mother Nature. Sclerotia act on the consciousness giving a more intense conscious experience of the world and circumstances around. Many users find this experience wholesome and very valuable.


Ten minutes to one hour after consumption you will start to notice the first effects, seeing and hearing things better and more intensely. You’ll notice a rapid change in the perception of ordinary reality. This often comes down to a good series of laughs. This cheerful start soon transcends into confused feelings. This is due to reality looking so different, your mind just cannot grasp it anymore. As the outer confusion intensifies, the inner visions (best seen in a dark room) become clearer. The nature of the trip depends upon the person taking it and the mood or state of mind that person is in. So your experience could very well be quite different from what you read here or hear from other people. The trip takes about 6 hours and wears down gradually. The interval between hallucinations gets longer, until they disappear completely.


To someone who has never tried any hallucinogen a trip is hard to explain, but here is a list of effects one could experience when on magic mushrooms:

A change in mood, either euphoria or the opposite (bad trip);
A dreamy state, loss of attention and concentration, slow thinking, feelings of unreality or depersonalisation;
Blurred vision, brighter colours, longer afterimages and sharp definition of objects;
Increased hearing abilities;
Colourful, kaleidoscopic patterns seen with eyes closed, and sometimes even on objects or surfaces in field of vision;
Incoordination, difficult and tremulous speech;
Great empathy, or even an unusual ability to perceive the feelings of people in the environment;
A few auditory hallucinations;
An uncontrollable urge to laugh;
Alternately feeling hot and cold.


Magic mushrooms are not toys nor partydrugs, so they should be used consciously. Make sure you get proper information before consumption. Never take more than 15 grams of fresh mushrooms when trying for the first time. Keep out of reach from children and pets. Do not use magic mushrooms when pregnant, in case of physical and/or mental problems, or when taking medication. Always consult a physician in case of doubt. Do not combine with alcohol or drugs.
Attention: The substrate contains gluten. The biggest joint themselves contain traces of this. Not suitable for people with (severe) gluten intolerance.

Note: Start growing as soon as you have received the grow kit. If this is not immediately possible, store the kit at a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius.Magicbox Super Gold



The best way to take mushrooms is to eat them, preferably on an empty stomach for the best effect. But the taste is definitely not good, and sometimes they fall quite heavy on the stomach which can give an unpleasant feeling during the trip. Psilocybin is not very heat resistant, but it is still possible to make tea that tastes better and is easier to digest than fresh (or dried) mushrooms.

Setting up your home grow system
Take the lid off the box, poor half an inch of cold water into the bag and place the box inside. Close the top of the bag by folding it twice, and seal it with the two paperclips. Do not throw away the lid! Clean and store it for future use. Place the home grow system in a warm spot (20-25˚C) in normal daylight, mother’s milk, but never exposed to direct sunlight. Keep the bag closed and within 14 days the first mushrooms will appear. These will mature in about 7 days.

Mushrooms do not develop continuously, but in so-called “flushes”. It is best to harvest




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